Crash Gear

High Performance Ice Skating Protective Gear | And Looks Good Too
Frozen Couture designs and makes highly-functional, safety-enhancing ice skate protective gear.

With a protective focus at the forefront of our designs, we have worked hard to design a collection of figure skating protective gear and pads that prevent injuries on the ice.  

Frozen Couture was founded with a specific ethos:

creating highly protective ice skating clothing that is wonderfully harmonised with style.

We have produced a line of ice skating leg warmer knee pads, crash pants, skorts and shorts that are completely unique to the sport.

There is nothing else like our line, and its highly-protective capabilities matched with style and functionality is making it a worldwide favourite in the ice skating industry.

In figure skating, it is vital that the athletes feel comfortable, confident and safe when skating.

This is especially true for newcomers to the sport.

Frozen Couture has therefore produced a range of figure skating protective gear and pads that are sure to reduce risk of injury in the event of a fall.

Browse our collection of high performance, ultra-safe and glamorous ice skating protective gear.

We’re sure you will find a piece that you will love to add to your skating ensemble.

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