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Please select 'custom size' for the following circumstances:
- If either your hips or waist is greater than the range listed for your size.
- If your inside leg to mid knee and floor measurements are more than 2cm longer or 2cm shorter than the listed measurement for your size.
For custom orders please provide us with your measurements in the checkout comments box.


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Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to make your order. We don't hold any stock due to high demand as we cant keep up at present.

Frozen Couture Crash Pants have been specially designed to protect skaters' hips, bottom and knees from extreme bruising.

These pants are great for beginners up to the axel jump and senior and adult skater.

This product is not recommended for skaters learning Axel, doubles or triple jumps. If you're an advanced skater please follow this link to the recommended product. HIGH PERFORMANCE.


FC Crash Pants to build confidence when learning to skate & tackle those jumps while looking the part & more!

These pants are 'Over-the-Boot' design.

The padding covers the tailbone area without looking bulky.

Tucks right around to cover the hip bones.

The center back panel tucks under to protect the coccyx bone. 

The specialised foam has been treated to stop moisture absorption. 

Over the past five years, our Crash Pants have had rave reviews.

Reviewers say "it's like falling on a pillow".

Made from high quality fabric

48% ATY Nylon, 40% Polyester, 12% Spandex.

Designed & made in Australia.







We generally hold little to no stock and as a result most orders can expect a 1-3 week wait time before dispatch. This is because everyone's body is different and we cater the sizing you pick based on your personal measurements so that they fit YOU perfectly and the foam padding is in the right places for your body. In order to speed up the process of making your Crash Pants we ask when you place your order, in the checkout comments you give us your Crotch to Mid Knee, Crotch to Floor, Hips and Waist measurements.

- Do not tumble dry
- Do not wear whilst seated


(1) While these pants were made for the skater's safety, Frozen Couture is in no way responsible if the skater is hurt while wearing our product for reasons outside our control.




 Once a garment is custom made there are no returns or exchanges, Unless there is a (i) fault in sizing where garment is too big or small. (ii) Fabric fault. ( Garment is worn / withered / torn. )