Posted by Cassandra Atkins on 15th Jul 2019


This dress was the first dress I made for someone other than my daughter. I was very excited and just loved watching Romy skate to Sia Chandelier so when they asked me I had all crazy inspiration in my head.

I knew straight away what fabric I was to use as I had seen this beautiful gold velvet at GJ's Discount fabrics and couldn't wait to use it. Since this time I have used the gold velvet frequently as its a perfect gold and picks up the light nicely as it is also crush.

I experimented with real draped beads on one arm and on the back like a Chandelier and crystal ones on the other arm, I really like the draped look as it is a great effect.

I was still very much learning about stretch applique and layering. The most creative part of this dress I actually don't have a photo. On the left thumb I made a thumb piece (like a glove) that just went over her thumb that I covered in Swarovski crystals and a red tear shape crystal so her thumb would look like a candle burning for her ending pose.

This was fun for me and started my mind ticking on other creative ways for the element of surprise with costumes for artistic. This is when I started putting together the ideas for Montana's Maleficent which I will get to in due time.

As you can see in the first picture I was still cutting out fabric, pinning and using the straight stitch machine. I sometimes still do this but I use a domestic machine now and use a stretch stitch not a straight one.

When using a straight stitch it leaves more room for broken stitches if the client grows or stretches it to much when putting it on, that is something you really don't want. I did all the crystalling on the crystal board which you can purchase at Shine Trimmings 

I got all my crystals from Crystal Queen, they have a great range of DMC crystals and Swarovski, at this time I only used Swarovski which I always prefer but not everyone can afford them.

Making this beautiful dress for Romy was the first step to making many others and I thank Faina Karian and Romy Karian for giving me the chance to not only make them a dress but to help me show case my work to the Figure Skating community.