TRICKY Tracky Dax

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Made to Order in Kids, Teenagers and Adult Women sizes.
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Product Overview

This TRICKY Tracky Dax!
These comfy pants will keep you snug and warm any time, any day of the week.
Made to match with our TRICKY Hoodie or Shrug.
Covered in our reflective tape and Frozen Couture logos -
so you're literally shimmering and standing out from the crowd.
The Black, Yellow and White fabric and ribbing are 100% Australian-made and is a Poly-Cotton blend.
The Red, Pink and Blue are 100% polyester.
Frozen Couture’s TRICKY collection pays homage to the great Hip Hop artists of the 70's and 80’s,
birthing the music we listen to today.
The whole collection is highly versatile -
can be worn for Figure Skating, On ice or off ice, Roller Skating, Hip Hop dancing,Tennis, the list goes on.
Designed & Made in Australia.
Part of a collection or purchase individually, whichever suits you!
For sizing & colours please refer to our Size & Colour Charts.

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