Breakfast @ Tiffany's

Welcome to our 2020 Breakfast @ Tiffany's Collection!!!!

This collection has been in the pipeline for many months now and lot's of you have been watching it grow on Social Media.

This collection was supposed to be launched early April but due to the world pandemic we put it off for a few reasons. One being the confusion of what was going on in the world and Two we had no way to get professional photo's done to show off the garments to there full potential as social distancing laws prohibited such events.

We have booked in our photo shoot for the 13th of June but till then we still wanted to offer you all this collection as we have such a great vast collection for on and off the ice. Off ice being the most dominate training at the moment was thought we best release this gear for you all ASAP. So please ignore the bad dress dummy and imagine yourself in the garments till we can swap over the images.

A Big THANK YOU to our Gold Sponsored Skater Suzi Murray for modelling the gear she already had from us to help make this release look a bit cleaner and professional.

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