Snowflake and IceQueen Search 2022


Would you like to become a Frozen Couture Snowflake or Ice Queen?

We are on a search for a handful of passionate skaters to represent Frozen Couture on a worldwide scale. We will be conducting the search on Instagram, We would like applicants who will promote frozen Couture in positive, passionate and creative way. Being a great role model to other skaters.


FC Snowflake / Ice Queen Program


To qualify as a Snowflake you must be between the age of 6 - 15. 

An Ice Queen must be 16 and over. 

Snowflakes and Ice Queens will receive a personal 20% discount that can be used as many times as you like store-wide. A birthday gift, because we care. (only if we get some cake or a party invitation....) Just kidding! 

A frozen Couture Snowflake / Ice Queen title added to your Instagram Bio.

A 10% Coupon Code for your followers.

You will be part of our amazing Frozen Couture family where you can chat and get to know our current Ambassadors.


You must now be a Snowflake or Ice Queen before you level up into our Ambassador program. 


This title is for the duration of 6 months. After that we will review.


 * How to enter * 

You will need follow us on Instagram and TikTok (if you have it) @frozencouture and our new home for all our skating labels @houseofskate_ _

Your account must be on public so that we can view and share any awesome posts that we are tagged in.

Be super creative and with your content reels and posts on Instagram. Tell us why you would make a great Snowflake/ Ice Queen in the post or caption. Make sure to tag us @frozencouture & #fcsnowflake2022 / #fcicequeen2022.

Tag your skater friends in the comments section on our most recent FC Snowflake & Ice Queen search post on our Instagram account. (Tag as many times as you like, so the more we see you.)

It is not required for you to be wearing Frozen Couture in your posts however those that do will have the opportunity to be featured on our Instagram.

If you're under the age of 18 please get parental / guardian permission.

Finally, make sure you submit your application by filling out the form below.

Use this month to show us your passion for skating and why you would be our best choice.

If you have any questions please reach out, our team would love to help. 

For inspiration and to see what's required from a Frozen Couture ambassador we recommend you follow some of our current ambassadors.


Good Luck and remember.....HAVE FUN!