Raglan Catsuit - Child/Teen

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Standard shipping included. We no longer have the lace arm option, only black mesh. There are so many reasons why this cat suit is so good to train in. You only have to pick one item to wear that day, you have to go on the toilet before you train, (so no running off the ice) they are so comfortable they feel like your wearing your PJ's, no fidgeting with jackets and cuffs cause there aren't any, The coach can see all there lines, posture and muscle movement and they look so sleek. Made from a top quality thick supplex fabric called Zen. Very stretchy and warm. Over the boot bottoms and over the knuckle cuffs with thumb hole. If you are short in the body, please feel free to send us your girth measurements. This cat suit has a waist line so can be taken in very easily by a local alteration service if this is a concern for you. Designed & Made in Australia For sizing & colours, please refer to our Sizes & Colour Charts page. Dispatch Times