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Applications for the 2021 figure skating season are now open!!!

Beautiful, Unique Custom Skating Dresses

Frozen Couture is a reputable designer of custom figure skating dresses. We have an exclusive list of clients who seek out the finest, most opulent custom skating dresses available in the industry. Our dresses can be seen at the pinnacle of competition, with their stunning designs and breathtaking embellishments wowing crowds and judges across the world.

Due to the exclusivity of our designs and the time it takes to create one of our pieces, it is important that you carefully follow our submission guidelines before contacting our designer. We want to make your dress: we love nothing more than working alongside talented skaters and producing their perfect ensemble.

However, with competition arriving at the one time and a large number of requests, we do ask that you submit your request early to ensure we can work with you. Our beloved community of athletes put trust and confidence in the custom dresses we produce, and we’re sure that you too will adore a custom figure skating dress from our online couture.

Frozen Couture prides its self on creating the highest quality custom designs. For this reason, we can only take several custom orders per year.  An application process is necessary to help our designer assess their ability to bring your dream outfit to life. Everybody generally needs their dresses at the same time, therefore it's a good idea to submit your request as soon as you have your ideas set out for your program/s.

Application & Custom Order Conditions

Frozen Couture does not replicate other designers work or other Frozen Couture custom dresses. However, we are am happy to adjust previous Frozen Couture designs to make a personalised version of the dress for you. We are not always able to accommodate all requests, this is at the designer’s discretion.

Design & Production

To help our designer create your custom piece, it is important to have an overall vision of the dress you would like. Providing us with inspiration pieces will do just this. Design ideas do not need to be of other skating dresses. Whether it be a painting, flower, or a comic book character, inspiration is all around us and is the bedrock of good design. The kind of lines desired such as waistline (rounded or pointed), off the shoulders, your own graphics or logo, etc. If it inspires your idea, we want to know. Please add this all information to the ‘Your vision’ section of the form.

Designs must be age appropriate, form fitted, related to the music and program. Depending on expectations, the price range for a dress can vary greatly. We can work within a budget, however we do abide by a $600-$800AU minimum depending on the size of the client. There will be no surprises. Any additional changes will be discussed and agreed upon beforehand. Frozen Couture cannot guarantee 100% colour matching of all colours and textures of fabric. The designer does not provide sketches of the proposed design. 

Note from designer – Cassandra Atkins

I am quite often asked “If you don’t provide sketches, how will I know what the proposed design will be?”. I could spend hours planning & drawing a dress that in turn will cost more & the result may be different to that drawn in the sketch. This comes down to my creative process & how I come to the final result of a creation. And that’s just what it is, a process of being influenced by the fabric & the client’s ideas as I create.  I can tell you what the guidelines will be but most of the time until I am working with the fabric and making it I don't know myself what is happening. This is how the magic is made. It is a trust thing; my clients trust me & they get great outcomes.


Once an application & quote has been agreed upon, a Design Fee of $100AU will be processed and details of two payment installments will be given, this fee is to cover time spent on finding fabrics, applique, pattern drafting and fitting time is required, This fee is not apart of the agreed budget for the dress. Frozen Couture requires half of the quote as a deposit and request this be paid 10 days before we start the production of the dress. Final payment is needed 5 days before shipment or pick up of the dress. Three payment installments can be made over the production of the dress for quotes over $1500.

Your custom dress will be shipped/ready for pick up once the final payment is received. Shipping also is not included in the dress quote. We only ship dresses with DHL Express.

Cancellations/Returns AND Terms & Conditions (T&C's)

Once an order has been placed and processed, custom made items cannot later be exchanged or returned as they are made especially for you and your needs.

*Applications may close sooner if we except a large amount of custom orders before this time.

**Design Fee- a non refundable fee, locks in completion date and covers cost of sourcing fabric and embellishments. This is not a part of the final cost of the dress.

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