Frozen Couture Auction


Frozen Couture Auction

Hello Everyone.
I just wanted you to all know about this great Auction Frozen Couture is holding, starting on the 21st of January on our Facebook Page. We have over 3 years worth of old collection gear we need to get rid of so we have bundled them up into auction 'lots'. There is something there for all ages. The sizes start at 4-6 child and go up to ladies 12. the bulk of it is kids 10,12 and 14 and ladies 8 and quite a lot of 10 with a few things 12. Most lots are worth over $300AU and bidding starts from $20 up to $80 depending on what is in the lot and yes there is some crash gear in there and some of our last years collection Breakfast @ Tiffanys.

How to get your hands on some cheap FC gear??
Head to our website and register now, click on our website banner and it will take you to the register. You’ll need to make a Frozen Couture account on our website if you haven’t already.

Create an account on our website so we can send you a link for your winning bids after the auction is over. We will ship and invoice all winning bids together as one at the end of the auction if you win more than one. All bids must be paid for within 24 hours after being invoiced. There is no refunds on any garments in the auction

Bidding starts at 9AM AEST
We will post 5 lots at a time as an offical Auction post on our Facebook page. Each lot has half an hour before we close it off unless bidding is still active. We will post 5 lots every 15 minutes so there will be 20 or more lots active at one time depending on what’s happening with some lots bidding. Bids can not be under $2AU each bid.
Bidding starts at $80
Next bid can be $82 or over, $84 and so on. Not $80.50c or $81 or $81.99c

Each lot will be open for 30 minutes, if bidding has stopped for 5 min or more, we will close the lot with the highest bidder is the winner. If a bid is made seconds before the lot is about to close another 5 mins will be added to the lot for further bidding to be able.
Refresh your page before you bid so its clear and you know what the highest bid is. Go up to the top right hand side to the 3 dots and active “Turn on notifications for this post” so you will be notified every time another person bids so you can keep up.
We will announce “Going once, Going twice” to make sure every bidder has the time to refresh there page and not miss out. We will add the winners name to the bottom of the post once it is closed and we have a winning bid.

Shipping is not included in the price and will be charged by weight. Credit, vouchers or coupons also do not apply.

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