Flavia Jacket

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We do have a small amount of this product in stock but this is mainly on pre order only with an expected date of the end of Feb beginning of March.

If you would like to know if we have what your after in stock before purchasing please email us on


We are so excited about the Flavia Collection.

We held an in house design competition for our ambassador and the 4 winners will have there designs made up and available to buy.

Our first place winner was Flavia from Flavia Colours. Make sure you check out her Etsy store and follow her on Instagram.

This Jacket has been made with our already popular fitted jacket style, you would of seen in our Spring Time Jacket collection.

It has been printed with our custom design inspired by Flavia's artwork.

Please note that the photo of the jacket is not 100% perfect, the colour isn't that dark, the print will be of smaller snowflakes and more of them so not so big and the zip will be Blue with a snowflake puller not white. This photo is also the plain version without any crystals.

You can choose to have it plain, lightly crystalled with DMC crystals or Swarovski crystals and a snowflake zip pull.

The fabric is called Duck Dive which is a 79% Polyester, 21% Spandex blend.

The fabric is thick and will keep you nice and warm.