Deluxe Layback Jacket

$155.00 - $163.00
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Product Overview

We have made one of more mature jackets a bit more fun!

We have added our most popular sparkle motif the Layback spin to the ribbed range and added pink and aqua crystals all over it.

The ribbing is nice and tight to help with air dynamics.

Extra long cuffs to help keep hands warm.

Thick plush black faux fur in the inner collar and now the body is made out of Polartec™

For sizing please refer to our Size & Colour Charts Page.

Designed & made in Australia.


Dispatch Times

We are in the middle of fabric change over on this product! We are still waiting for it to arrive from China.

Please note there might be a few weeks wait during this transaction of fabrics.

This jacket will now be made with Polartec

Due to the expense of the Polartec™ the price has also gone up a little.