Crash Video Gets 30% Off

Now this has to be too easy!!
For 30% off your next order -
give us a smashing 30-sec to 1 minute max video review of your Frozen Couture Crash Pants, Crash Shorts or any of our Crash Gear.
Show us how you crash on the ice, and how "it's like falling on a pillow" as one reviewer put it nicely!
But use your own words please -  if those words aren't yours.
  1. Tell us how confident & safe you feel when trying new moves because you have your crash gear on.

  2. Give us 5 stars if you think your crash gear deserves 5 stars.

  3. How much do you love your crash gear?

  4. How better is it than other branded crash gear?

  5. Would you recommend FC crash gear to anyone? Tell us!

Only 10 entries will be eligible for this 30% discount.
Entries close 5th April, Sunday.
Frozen Couture will post them on our Youtube channel. Have a look at this example!

Send your videos via email to along with this statement:

"If my video is selected as a winning entry, I give Frozen Couture permission to publish this video review of their Crash Wear on their website & social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Tiktok."

Happy crashing !!