Bow Crash Skort

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This product has been discontinued.

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Our original Unicorn Crash Skort is a huge hit for the past 3 years but not everyone likes unicorns !!

Our Frozen Couture Crash Skorts have been specially designed to protect skaters' hips, tailbone and knees from extreme bruising with foam in places other products don't cover.

This is a one of a kind product.

This design & product is an original Frozen Couture concept.

Nothing else like this in the world. A two layer skirt.

Specially designed to keep hips & coccyx bone from bruises and injury.

This product is made to aid and lesson the impact when falling, If injured whilst wearing this product Frozen Couture is in no way responsible.

Designed and made in Australia.

The padding covers the tailbone area without looking bulky & tucks right around to cover the hip bones. And can be bought as a set or separately. Made from high quality Supplex. Designed and made in Australia. Reviewers say"it's like falling on a pillow"