The begining of the active wear

Posted by Cassandra Atkins on 30th Jul 2019

The begining of the active wear


This was where the active side of Frozen Couture all began. I had a few mothers at our rink ask if I would make them training gear, after seeing what I had made my own ice-skater daughter. Now this wasn't on my list of things to do! LOL.

I noticed how most of the figure skaters' training wear seemed to be bland, black and frankly boring. So at first I brushed the idea of making ice skating wear aside, since, as a creative I required colour & excitement to be motivated to make things!

But then the idea of a glamour track suit for competition days and official practice struck me. So I made Montana-Jane two glamour track suits in a blue velvet with white motifs and a leopard print on black velvet and red roses.

The thing I thought I was being clever with was adding the skirt to the pants, which Montana loved! The blue suit matched her program dress as well at the time so that one was used more on comp days and she liked to wear the leopard print one for training.

The thing I liked the most about my daughter's costumes was that she always stood out from the crowd, and I could easily spot her amongst the black-costumed skaters when I looked up from what ever it was I was doing at the time -  be it sewing, talking to another mother or on my phone!

Montana's costumes really finished her off so to speak on competition day.  She looked the part, which made her feel the part!  Her costumer significantly helped with my daughter's confidence from the second we left home. It also made it easier for me to get her out of her competition dress after skating as I just died inside watching her run around with her friends in the competition dresses as I always hated the thought of them getting ruined, so it still made her feel special wearing the Glamour track suits. I also started make competition jackets for skaters that matched there dresses just to add that little bit of extra flare.

It was Montana's blue track suit that caught one of the interstate mothers eyes at the sign in table at our first Crystals. This is where a very very special friendship started, the day I met Kristen Masters, an amazing woman, mother and now friend. Kristen just loved Montana's outfit and decided she wanted in on some Frozen Couture gear and it is her dress I will be blogging about.

Kristen Master's gave me a little push in the right direction and it was her and her daughter that inspired me to do what I now do today.

The one precious, priceless thing I got from this crazy sport my daughter decided to get us involved in is the friendships I have made along the way.

There are so many beautiful people that are involved in the sport and I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends around me with all their support and encouragement.  This has truly been a major blessing!