Black Widow

Posted by Cassandra Atkins on 23rd Jul 2019

Black Widow

This was my first cat suit order, or should I say Spider Suit. I was very excited as It was the first time someone had contacted me thought my Facebook page for an order and I had only just opened it. I was greeted with these 2 pencil drawings (below) of a very strange cat suit idea. The theme was to be Black Widow so I was super excited before I saw the sketches so I must say I was a little taken back on the idea and thought this wouldn't be enjoyable unless I could share my vision with Amy and I prayed she was able to envision it the way I did.

Thank goodness she loved the idea. I explained to her I wanted it to be like a Disney Villain, very dark but also very sassy. So I worked on my idea and added her strapped leg idea to the design.

I searched all over the internet for spider web lace and trims. I was able to find some in the USA which I had shipped over that I used for the center front and one of the arms. I was also able to find this really cute black web lace trim from Darn Cheap Fabrics, I highlighted the web lines with red glitter fabric paint and added a Swarovski crystal to the center. It worked a treat and finished off the garment in the most perfect way.

The biggest challenge with this design was the right leg. Originally we had the cut so it was supposed to be a wonder women cut bloomer.

But once we put it on we soon found out that it wasn't going to work as the girth pull wasn't even which made the bloomer side rid up even higher and lets just say it was wide open for a number of different wardrobe malfunction possibilities so we quickly added the red short leg to the design which stopped all possible scenarios.


I was most excited about the hand beading as I loved to add beaded spider webs and spiders to my clothing when I was younger, I had also made a PVC jacket with the same spider web design in the back so I really enjoyed the whole creative process as it was right up my ally. I really couldn't help myself by the end of this, I had in my cupboard a large crystal spider in which I use to wear in my hair as a very young Gothic inspired designer.

At first I thought it would be best in the center back on the web but in the end I decided it would be safer on the wrist. This brooch had sentimental value but I just couldn't image the cat suit without it so I gave it a new home. I really could have added another few thousand more crystals to it as I have always felt it was never finished properly, but all in all we were both very happy with how the Black Widow turned out.

From some dodgy grey lead sketch to a master piece this was the second customer based job I did and was a great advertisement of the work I could do. Thank you Amy Brunda for trusting my vision with yours giving me the freedom to create!