Crash Range

Highly Protective Ice Skating Crash Pants & Sorts

Frozen Couture is the designer of high performance, ultra protective ice skating padded pants and impact shorts. With safety being at the forefront of our designs, we have worked tirelessly to produce a collection of ice skating crash shorts that are perfect for protective fragile bones from hard crashes.

Frozen Couture was founded with a particular motive: designing highly protective ice skating crash wear that was perfectly harmonised with elegance. We have created a collection of ice skating padded pants and shorts that will take the stress out of falling on the ice. In ice skating, it is imperative to feel comfortable and confident when skating out, especially when you are just beginning your journey into this wonderful art form.

Therefore, it is imperative to have a collection of crash wear that you can feel confident wearing. Frozen Couture’s collection of mens, womens and childrens crash pants, shorts and leggings are completely unique to the industry. There is nothing else like our collection available, and its functionality and highly protective capacity is truly making waves in the industry.

Browse our collection of ice skating impact wear on our online store – we’re sure you will find something you will simply love to add to your skating wardrobe.

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